Thinking about working in Ibiza in 2014? Read This…


Thinking of working in Ibiza in 2014? Read on to make sure you’re upto date with the ins and outs of getting work over in Ibiza. It’s always best to hear it from the horses mouth, so we caught up with Ibiza Veteran, Nathan Viva and asked him to give us some essential words on what’s what when you’re off to work in Ibiza.

He’s been living and working in Ibiza (San Antonio mainly) for 14 years now and has been an employer himself for all of those, so he has a good idea what people are looking for. He’s been a PR Manager at every  one of the major clubs in Ibiza, he owns and runs San Antonio’s workers  bar (VIVA), he owns a Hotel that caters for both tourists and workers, and  DJ’s in Eden & Es Paradis on a regular basis. He has lots of  experience of Ibiza and is always keen to do whatever he can to help, with some advice and help when you need it most, here’s what he has to say on working in Ibiza…

ibiza jobs

Hi, I’m Nathan Viva, for the past 5 years I have been helping people break through the fear barrier and take a plunge into the deepend of working in Ibiza, and specifically San Antonio. Because I have been here so long, and have worked here for so long I somehow get people gravitate towards me to ask all the questions under the sun about working in ibiza. So to save me repeating myself, I wrote this blog, posted it on this group page and have dedicated this group page to nothing other than a place where people can get info on just about every aspect of working in Ibiza. I hope that you find it helpful. You can ask me any questions directly via the facebook link at the bottom of this article.

I won’t apologise for the  bluntness of some of my comments, but sometimes honesty really is best  policy!

Frist of all you have to have a basic idea of what job you want… Basic ones can be: Club PR, Bar PR, Posterer, Ticket  Seller, Barman/Barmaid/Bar Back, Dancer, Parade Girl, Stripper,  Waitress, DJ, Doorman. If you go to Ibiza without knowing what you want  to do, and you answer is “anything” when asked, then please please  please put some thought into it all first. If you are not confident in what you want to do, then others will not be confident of giving you a  job!

There are other jobs but these are the main ones and they are dealt with below:



There are 100′s of these jobs. If you are confident and have the gift  of the gab then there will always be a job for you doing this.  Interviews are normally around the end of May to early/mid June. These  jobs usually pay a basic wage of €25 – €40 a day… plus a small (€1 -  €4) commission based on each ticket sold, although certain clubs arrange  this commission into a pot that is split rather than to those that have  actually earned it. The hours will be very ridged and if you don’t turn  up you are likely to lose your job and possibly money that you have  earned but haven’t been paid yet and maybe even a retainer that may have  been held over you so that you would turn up on time… pr work in ibizaSo this is for  people who want the security of a set wage, are good at PR, but are also  totally committed to turning up and actually doing the job! In  interviews, be confident and chatty, but don’t waffle. Be concise and  tell the person doing the interviews that you are the best person they  will see that day. If you tell them you are average, why would they want  to give you a chance? If you tell them you are the best, then at least  you will get a chance to prove it. It is also likely, but not definate, that this job will be a contracted position. this doesnt really give you any more rights as an employee, but it does entitle you to claim dole if you have worked 6months of the previous 18months. So, if you are thinking of coming back year after year, and you get a 4-5month contract each year then this equates to you earning another 2500 each winter in dole payments. But… your employer can tell you about that if and when you get a contract.



There are also  lots of these jobs. Every bar in town has at least 1 if not up to 4 pr’s  outside (not to mention the bars that employ people to PR for them all  over town). These are often on set wages, but not always. Wages can vary  dramatically depending on what type of bar you are working for. If you  have a bar that is popular, they are likely to give you a set wage of  around €25/30 but with no extras paid. If you are somewhere where drinks  deals are their main business, then you will be on a commission basis  depending on how many drinks you can sell. For example I had a girl work  outside Viva and on her first night she earnt €178 in just 5 hours.  This is NOT normal, but it is possible a few days of the year… pr club work ibizaBut  these jobs are for the types of people that are committed to doing it  every night as the bars are relying on you. If you dont turn up, their  bar takings can drop dramatically, so don’t be surprised if they drop  you dramatically if you can’t be bothered to come to work that day. If  you are a good PR, and know that you are, you will WANT to get a job  that pays commission, as this is the only way to reward you for doing  well at your job. If you know that you  can do a decent job, but not so  good as to totally rely on your PR skills to earn you everything, then  try to get a job with a set wage. As long as you make an effort and  speak to everyone, you will keep your job. But generally speaking, the  ability to speak to everyone and having thick skin to handle rejection  all the time is a must and if you can do that then a job for the summer  is likely to be yours.It is also possible, but not definate, that this job will be a contracted position. this doesnt really give you any more rights as an employee, but it does entitle you to claim dole if you have worked 6months of the previous 18months. So, if you are thinking of coming back year after year, and you get a 4-5month contract each year then this equates to you earning another 2500 each winter in dole payments. But… your employer can tell you about that if and when you get a contract.



These people put up, as  you can imagine, the posters for the clubs all over the island. If you  are living in San Antonio for example, you are likely to just work there. You should like working on your own, and be prepared to put the  hours in when others are possibly even asleep, so that you can have most  of the day off yourself aswell. A good posterer will go out and put up  posters in his area at least twice a day, once early, and once late to  check that his are still up (they are likely to not be) and put more up  in the same places again. A posterer will earn €40 a day from each  club/promoter he is working with. Alot of posterers will work for more  than one person therefore earning as much as €120 a day… BUT, and its a  big but, there is alot of competition. Even if you get a job doing  this, you need to be on top of your game every day, constantly checking  and rechecking. If your employer doesnt see posters up when he looks for  them, and even if you have been out 20 times already, then you will  need to go out again and may even lose your job. There are always mini  “poster wars” where an increasing number of people want to put posters  in a decreasing number of places. So get to know the other posterers,  know the shops and bars you are putting them in and hope that you dont  get picked on or that your club/employer hasnt made enemies that mean  all YOUR posters are ripped down every day. It sounds sad just writing  that, but its how it is… but if you are good at it, it can be the best  job out there. These jobs are not usually contracted as you could be working for many promoters at the same time.



There used to be ALOT of  these jobs although it is getting harder to find a good one as  competition is high and there is a finite number of people that can be  out there selling the same products before it gets saturated. If you are  a good seller, then you can earn really good money. If you are willing  to put the hours in (that you sort out yourself) then you can earn good  money. You will have 2 meetings a day, one before sales, and one at the  end of the day after sales to see what you have sold. Commission ranges  from €1 per ticket to as much as €10 (although the average may only be  €2-€3) plus possible bonuses depending on who you land a job with and  you are normally paid the same day. ibiza ticket sellersThere is no basic wage so if you are  lazy, this isn’t the job for you. There are usually other incentives  and ways to help you enjoy your time as a ticket seller like staff days  out etc… What I should point out about these kinds of jobs is: BEWARE of adverts on facebook promising you a job in Ibiza over facebook. These “jobs” are most likely going to be ticket selling jobs, and like I said above, you CAN earn good money from these jobs. But you have to remember that you are just a way of making money for these promoter. Its a numbers game for them. If they have 100 ticket sellers that sell 2 tickets each, they as promoters have sold 200 tickets. This makes them lots of money. But 2 tickets isnt enough commission to live on. So the majority of those 100 people will quit within a few days or weeks. You might try and wait it out to be the last man standing and then have less competiton and more sales for yourself, but realistically you may have lost a month of your summer waiting for this to happen. So personally I’d suggest other types of employment for the vast majority of you. But if you are a good seller, know you are a good seller, and have no problem with putting the hours in to get some sales, then you can make a fortune. Just be honest with yourself though… is that really you? If not, then try a more secure job or you will be going home to the UK earlier than you’d like to.



Most of the jobs are already taken by  people returning year after year… so any jobs that are available are  few and far between.  All i can  suggest is coming end of April (before the bars open, but whilst all  the owners/managers are in the bars setting them up) and go around with a  CV. Be confident and memorable without being a dick. barman ibizaI had one guy come  into my bar once and say: I want a job here and I’ll be much better  than the shitty barmen you have here right now. I instantly took a  dislike to him as people who work for me are my friends as well as my  employees… so don’t do that. There are bars that are busy enough to  have quite a high turnover of staff and need new staff all the time.  These are Ibiza Rocks Bar, Savannah and Mambos. But dont pin all your  hopes on being a barman as it might not happen due to massive  competition. Bar staff usually work at least 6 days a week (usually 10pm  until 3/4 or 6am depending on the bar) and earn anything from €25  (glass collectors/bar backs etc) to €45 a night for head  barmen/assistant managers etc. Wages vary from bar to bar. Also, I’d suggest going into the bars that you want to work in (if they are already open) and have a drink (but dont get shit faced), sit at the bar, soak up the atmosphere, chat to the barstaff and figure out if you actually even want to work in there. Plus, as a known “face” already when you apply for a job, you are much more likely to be considered than the last 20 people who just walked in and handed in a CV and walked straight out to do the same thing to do the same in all the neighbouring bars. So, dont spend your first few unemployed nights in your apartment waiting for a job to come to you. This doesnt happen. I’ve employed people who came up to me on a particular night and asked for a job, just as someone hadnt turned up for work.

I gave them a trial right there and then, and a paid one… next warning point is: UNPAID TRIALS: This is unfortunately a sad little thing that a number of bars in San An do. And its not just the small bars trying to be stingy, its more often than not some of the bigger and more expensive bars. The deal is, you come and work a shift on trial. Dont get paid for it on the basis that you are trialling for a job at the end of it. The wisdom in this is that you think as long as you work well during that trial, then you will get the job. This is not always, and is rarely the case. The real idea behind this is to get a week or two’s free work from people. I’ve heard of people working a whole week on “trial” and then still not getting the job. This is disgusting. One night, I can imagine being acceptable. But a week? No. Basically… if you are asked to work a trial be confident to ask if you will get the job bar-tender ibizaif you perform well during the trial. Also ask how many people are trialing for the job, and over how long a period? Who needs to trial for a job on the 1st of the month and then realise that there will be another 2 weeks of “trials” with another 13 people for just one job?? So aslong as you ask these questions then you can know if you are just being lined up as yet another poor sap who just accepts being used. EXPERIENCED BARMAN???: If you have experience, that will help but its not essential. It really is just best to be in the right place at the right time. Plus, working in a spanish bar isnt the same as working at home. different drinks, different ways to serve almost everything. So quite rightly, spanish bar owners care little about if you were a bar man at home or not. Its a bonus to have experience, but its not essential. As long as someone can pull a pint, i can teach the rest in a night. Unless you are a cocktail barman who knows how to do it all… this may make you a bit more niche, but I suppose there are a few places that might be really looking for this, so that could help too. But if you don’t know your stuff, DO NOT say you can do it. You will be found out pretty quick when asked for a drink and you don’t even know what it is… and then fired as a result.



There are many dancer jobs available at both the clubs directly and  with the promoters themselves. If you want to dance at the clubs, call  them direct and find out when their auditions are. For Eden its usually  mid May. These jobs pay up to €70 a night for the club (I think) and as  little as €30 for a promoter. If you can do dance different Ibiza-Dancerstyles (hip hop etc) as  well as the regular stuff you will be more likely to get work as your ability to work more nights will be clear. Please be honest with  yourself though, Ibiza is a body conscious place… if you look like the  back end of a bus or are the size of a house it doesn’t matter how you  dance you are just unlikely to ibiza dancerget a job. I don’t make the rules, I am  just telling you how it is. Working hours will be from about an hour  before the club opens until close (11pm – 6am) and will be expected to  work as often as you are asked. Depending on where you are on the  pecking order of dancers, this could be once a week, or every night. Its  up to you to prove that you deserve to be there as often as you want to  be there.


Then there is always these guys: (where you can get a headstart and update CV’s etc, find out audition dates.. ). The have contracts at some of the best places, so can hook you up with work.

And the facebook group is




If you are good looking, slim,  tall (a bonus but not a must) and can walk then there are a few parades  that you can do. You would just have to turn up late May and early June  to try and get a job like this. They often employ girls here at the same  time/interviews that they employ PR’s an Posterer’s. Look out for  posters in The Ship Inn & Viva advertising for jobs and go along and  try your luck.


ibiza parade-dancers

These girls do tend to be really hot, and so should you  be if you want a job like this! Pay is €35 – 40 for only a few hours’  work a night and you would work around 4-6 nights a week for the clubs,  or if you work for the Promoters directly, you can arrange to be on a  different parade each night and work as often as you like. Obviously  this requires some organising, so maybe stick to working for just one  club until you figure out what is best for you. These girls tend to get drunk every night, be quite cliquey at times, but are usually really good fun to be around. There is also usually quite a few gaps in the Parades towards the end of the season as people start to go home to Uni or whatever, so maybe if you were not successful at the start of the summer then you may find that you can get a job in august onwards…



There are a few strip clubs in San An, and a lot of girls earn decent  enough money in there and a lot of them are not strippers back in the  UK. If you are a stripper from the UK you will be able to walk into any  of these jobs, but don’t expect to earn what you would in the UK. stripper in ibizaWages  are all commission based and vary depending on how good you are at your job! Again, just turn up and walk into the club when its open and ask for a job. If you look the part you will be given a trial. It’s as  simple as that… There are even a few places where if you dont look the  part, but are enthusiastic and want to try, they will give you a go aswell.

Taboo and The Sin are easily the best ones in San Antonio and are situated on  the main bar street.

Taboo: Ask for Richard.

The Sin: Ask for Frank.



waitress in ibizaMost of  the waitress jobs are at places like Ibiza Rocks Bar, Savannah and  Mambos. They have a high turnover as the hours are long and the job is  hard… but it is a job that a lot of people want.
Especially at mambos  where all the pacha pre-parties are at and A-List DJ’s and C-List Celebs  hang out. The advice is basically the same as i gave for barman, so see  there for details.



This is the number one thing that i  get asked about… “I want to DJ in the big clubs in Ibiza, how can i  make that happen?” basically, being a DJ in Ibiza is fucking hard work.  Even I have trouble getting to play out in cool places and I have been  here for over a decade. You have to start at the bottom. Even thinking  about playing at Pacha or at Space in your first season isn’t worth  it (although miracles can happen I suppose)… You might as well want to take up playing football on the Monday  and be playing for Man Utd. on the Friday. It just won’t happen. DJ jobs  are not easy to come by. Not ones that pay anyway.

dj in ibizaA lot of the DJ jobs  are taken already by DJ’s returning year after year. But if you want a  job like this, be prepared to come to Ibiza and do another job whilst  looking… bring some mix cd’s and have all your contact info on there.  DO NOT bring out a DJ box full of only club tracks and underground  tunes. You will not get a job. You need to be able to play something of  everything. All that commercial crap you hate? That’s what you will have  to play. If you can get on the mic and are confident in doing so, then again, you will have a good chance at finding some work. So if you turn up and tell people you are the world’s best  techno/trance/tech house etc… DJ in the world, you will not get a job.  If Carl Cox turned up as an unknown and tried to get a gig in the west  end as a DJ playing what he plays in the clubs right now he WOULD NOT  GET A JOB. Simple as that. DJ’s have to be flexible or put up with not  having a job! So have a diverse box full of different music to handle  the requests that you will be given, and to be able to play something of  all styles.

I also hold DJ competitions once a week in Viva  Ibiza where you can play WHATEVER you like rather than the commercial  rubbish and possibly earn a set playing with me @ Eden or Es Paradis  Superclubs or on one of our Viva Voyagez Boat Parties. Come see me for  details when you get to Ibiza.

If you want to play all the good stuff  that you really like, then at Viva Ibiza we may have some DJ slots for you on certain nights. Play well and you may play regularly but as this is playing in the only underground music venue in San An, with a Funktion One Sound System and playing to other workers who are all paying 2/3 less for their drinks in there than in any other bar in San An, then guest DJ’s like this are unlikely to be paid. But we no longer operate open decks as we did in the past, so this is a change for 2013 the only way to play is via the competition or by invitation.



Laws have recently changed meaning that doorman need some kind of certification. But I think its more along the lines of your employer has to register to be able to provide this service rather that that you need any qualifications. I’m told that this qualification needs to be done here in Ibiza, and that the test is in spanish. But exact details are sketchy and its not my area of expertise, so anyone reading this that knows better, please correct me here. You will have to  look the part, you know what I mean… no 9st weakling is really going  to cut the mustard.

bouncer in ibiza

Equally, if you are an aggressive person who sees  working on a Door or in security as a way to have a fight every night,  you will be let go and word will go round that you shouldnt be  employed… So ideally you would be a calm, intelligent lump of a man,  built like a brick shithouse. But, failing that calm and the size of a  house. Then, same as with other jobs, go from door to door asking both  the manager and the other doorman. Some doorstaff often work various  different places and will know of things cropping up. In the clubs, they  will have their casting days a week or so before the opening party. But  outside of San Antonio clubs like Eden or Es Paradis its likely that  you wont get far if you dont speak spanish fluently.


RECRUITMENT DAYS: Various places will offer recruitment days with varying numbers of actual employers attending and various numbers of jobs given away. They are usually held at The Ship Inn (West End) and Pink Panther (Bay). These are not to be confused with regular job intereviews that can be held anywhere and and any day. These are both also very good places to go and find out info about NIE number forms and filling them out. From personal experience, these events can be a bit hit and miss, but… people do get jobs at them all, so go prepared with a CV (photo attached) and be prepared to sell yourself. DONT just rock out of bed a minute before and stink of the night before…


NON EU NATIONAL?: If you are not a holder of an EU passport, you wont be able to get an NIE Number (see below what this is) and therefore you will unlikely be offered a job in ANY of the jobs that require a contract. There are exceptions. This is when an employer has to apply for a work permit for you and then it can happen. But in 14 years I have never heard of a basic worker (as you will most likely be if you are reading this) getting a work permit. Its certainly not something I would do as a boss. Far too much hassle for me, paperwork and cost… especially bearing in mind that there are millions of people out there from the EU that I can employ without problem.

So basically, really DO NOT waste your time going for interviews that you know you will never be offered. Its just soul destorying. So what jobs can you do then? Anything that doesnt require a contract basically… so look above to the descriptions and I state which ones are acheivable without contracts. But you are basically gonna be looking at Ticket Seller & Bar PR. There are chances outside of this, but seeing as these jobs skirt along the line of legality anyway, its not a big deal if you dont have an NIE or contract.

CV’s: They are not really that important in my opinion. But they are better to have than not to have. For example, if you find out about an interview and you don’t have one, do not put off going just because of a CV. They usually get used to give me something to talk about in an interview, but its the interview thats more important than the CV. So, what should be on one? 1) A photo. One where you look good. If you look good on a passport one, then put it on there, but if you don’t, find one that you like on Facebook and put that on the word file and print in colour if you can.

But best to stick to a head and shoulder shot. Nothing too mental and crazy… Just where you look like an attractive, confident person. Try and keep it to one page only, This can be front and back, but more than that is just a waste. Don’t include tons of details about jobs/experiences that are of no use to anyone in ibiza. You worked in a stable, feeding horses, riding horses, cleaning out their stalls, brushing them down each day, cleaning all the riding equipment, went to tons of competitions and rode your horse to some lovely rosettes??? Great, but seriously, does anyone in Ibiza interviewing you for a job in a nightclub as a dancer really give a fuck? Probably not… If you want to look rounded, feel free to put all this on an “Interests” section, and just list “Competition horse riding” and thats it… (Obviously this is an example… please don’t all of you put this on your CV for fucks sake!) Less is more when it comes to a CV. If you think its relevant, then put it on. If its not, brush over it with a brief mention, if at all. Oh, and leave a gap on it for your new spanish number. Its perfectly fine for this to be in pen and the rest of it to be printed.



Pace yourself. If you bring out £1000 for your accom and living  expenses and spend it all in your first month, how long of the 4 month  peak season do you think you will last? erm… 1 month. You will go home  because you are skint, you will hate it at home and wish you were back in Ibiza. So don’t be stupid, keep the money in your pocket and look  after it. You are a worker, you should be getting into the clubs for  free. If you are paying for them, you are a tourist! Most  jobs should be able to sort you out with guest lists or season passes  for the clubs. If you are paying to go to clubs then you are stupid and  you will be on a flight back in June when everyone else is just coming  out to have the best summer of their lives! I can’t stress this more  than enough. Watch your cash. Also in Viva we have Workers Wristbands.


If you are a worker, for a small fee (€1-€3 depending on when you get  them) you can buy a wristband and then with that band, you will be able  to buy drinks for less than half price for the rest of the year in Viva  Bar & Viva Coffe Shop (like starbucks, but better!). Its a workers  bar and will be full of your mates every day and is the place where  everyone meets and starts their night, every night, so it makes sense.  We have a funktion one sound system (only one in San An) and just had a total facelift and some big name Promoters and DJ’s playing on a regular basis every week. Plus it will get you into clubs on some days and even discounts at  Burger King and other bars. Its a no brainer. Spending your money in  flashy bars and clubs every day, will soon see every single penny you  have go in moments and you will be back home down the dog n duck nursing  a half pint until your mum comes to pick you up at closing time just  before everyone of your Ibiza mates are just meeting up to go start  their night.


COMING OUT LATE IN THE SEASON (AUGUST ONWARDS): Best bit of advice ever…  seriously…. if you want to come to Ibiza but can’t get out until later  in the season then you will have the pick of the jobs. In august all  the students that lied to their bosses (me included) that they were staying til the end of the summer but are in fact going back to uni, and  all the workers who spent all their money when they shouldn’t have, all  leave. This leaves jobs available all over the island. Almost every bar  will have a sign outside saying: PR wanted etc… if you are a good  worker, or even if you are not, there will be sooooo many jobs to choose  from in August you will be able to take the one that is best for you.


COMPANIES WHO OFFER YOU “PACKAGES” OF FLIGHTS, ACCOMODATION AND A JOB IN IBIZA. I have to be careful with what I say here as, certain people really do benefit from these companies. If you are the kind of person that needs their hand holding, or enjoys the thought of your first month in Ibiza being laid out for you to enjoy then these are the people for you. They are particularly good if you are travelling on your own as you will meet others right away. But if you are quite an independant person and like to meet people and know that you will be able to make friends anyway, then maybe you can just do the trip on your own. That’s your call to make and you have to decide what you personally feel about it all. Are you getting value for money for what you are paying? Is the accomodation a shit hole, 4 to a room in the middle of nowhere or is it single rooms and in an amazingly central place? And the job that they offer you… what is that job? Where is it? Whats the wage like?


If you think about it, its unlikely that any decent job will be given to someone on one of these packages… would you employ someone you had never met and even the company who you are with has never met other than over emails when booking? No… so bare this in mind. Its also possible that they don’t actually “gaurantee” you a job at all, just help getting one (like informing you of interviews… which you can find out yourself anyway)… so again, figure out if you think this service is worth the money that you are spending on it.I get asked about them all the time and I’m reluctant to slag them off though. They do make money from you, but every business is making money from their customers… but are they ripping you off? Thats up to you to decide.


Like I say, they do provide a service to a certain type of person and for the most part with these companies I’d say they are NOT ripping you off. But just be happy with what you are getting yourself into first and find out the following:Where is the accomodation (10mins from the beach is a popular description, but on a small island, this really could be in ANY location with a vague description like that): How many people per room and per apartment will their be:What is the job that I will be given, where will it be, and what are my hours and wage: (Once you get this info, refer back to my list of jobs and see how it compares to what I’ve said):Whatever happens, if booked on with these groups you are likely to have a wicked time, so just enjoy it but be sure to get your monies worth.



Finally, you will hear about a thing called an N.I.E. number. There  will be lots of horror stories of people being unable to get a job if  they don’t have this… But do you even know what it is?


What is NIE? (Numero Identificacion de Extranjeros)

An NIE Number is a tax identification number to be used in Spain. Prior to purchasing a property, selling a property, obtaining a mortgage, starting up a business or working in Spain, it is a requirement by law that every individual possess an NIE Number.

The actual NIE Number, when produced from a National Police Station in Spain is printed out on a piece of paper, and this sheet of paper is often used as a form of identity. Once you have been issued an NIE number, it is yours for life.

Basically it’s the Spanish equivalent of the National Insurance number. Recently the Ibiza government have decreed that you are no longer allowed to get one of these numbers without first having a job. But then you may not get the job you want because you don’t have an NIE number… Its a catch 22 situation, so if at all possible, try and get an NIE number before you come if at all possible. Lots of rumours abound on this one, but I’ve heard that you can, if you pay for it, get an NIE number from your local Spanish Embassy or Consulate. Details below may be of some help. Let me know if this works but its worth whatever they charge you to get one and get it out of the way before being here cos I know its a total fucking ballache getting them here and without one, you might miss out on that job you wanted to the people that had one.

The way to get  it changes each year, but some things stay the same. Basically, the  helpful people at The Ship Inn normally hold copies of the forms you  need to fill out to get one and can give you advice on what the current  process to get it is. If you dont have a job offer already, then aslong  as you are in Ibiza really early then its POSSIBLE that you can just get the forms and head  down to the police station in Ibiza town and queue up. But usually you  will need to have a written letter from your prospective employer (i.e.  you need to already have secured a job before you can get one) and then  this is what will likely happen: you will need to take your forms  completed, some photos and some ID to the Police Station in Ibiza town.

They are usually very very busy, and groups tend to go down and get in a queue to be seen that day and you will then be given a time to come back in a few days or even a few months (!!!) to be actually seen. They will only give you this appointment if they have checked your paperwork to see its all there. Then you come back at the time and day stated and then they go through all your paperwork and tell you to come back again in a few days to collect your NIE number form. Its a long and boring process…

Beware of people charging to show you how to fill out the  form, or show you where the police station is. There are some people  that charge you as much as €30 per person to do this for you, but all  they are doing is showing you where to write your name and address on a  piece of paper and then showing you where the bus-stop is and then where  to get off. There are enough helpful people out there that will show  you for free so DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES pay someone for this  info. If in doubt, come into Viva and ask me or any other member of  staff (during the day when we have time of course…)



Try these guys: can get you an NIE number for a fee… If you want a contracted job, and you want to stand head and shoulders above everyone else at interview time, then get one before you get out there.

But, and it’s a big but, NOT EVERY JOB IN IBIZA NEEDS AN N.I.E. NUMBER.  It is vital that you understand this. Only jobs where you are offered a  contract of employment will require you to have an N.I.E. This is  usually, but not always: Bar Staff, Waitress Staff, Bar PR’s & Club  PR’s. But I know for fact that only a small number of those who do these  jobs are contracted. The rest of all the other people doing those jobs  are working cash in hand. This is officially illegal, but everyone knows  it happens. And jobs like parade girls, ticket sellers, DJ’s etc are  paid in this way, and the majority of Bar PR’s are paid in this way.  Most bars will have 1 licensed PR who as a result has a contract, but  the other PR’s (about 80% of all PR’s in San An) work without a contract. This is the norm. So if you want to do one of these jobs, don’t worry about an N.I.E. number unless you really need one. That  said, if you have one, it is your number for life, so take care of that  piece of paper!





I, like, no-one, employs via Facebook… ask yourself this: as an owner of a bar in ibiza do you:


a). reply to 1000′s of people asking for work and “interview” them via Facebook or maybe even Skype throughout the whole winter taking up weeks of your downtime/holiday season. And then potentially the person changes their mind and then never shows up for work because they are not coming/working somewhere else/dead, or that they are they are the wrong person for the job because they lied to you about their experience/forgot to mention they were in a wheelchair and can’t reach the bar to make drinks/look like the back of a bus and you have a coyote ugly style bar with hot girl staff only policy etc….


b). set up an interview day in the summer when you know that over 100 people will turn up for the jobs that you have and then give or take a few hours, in one afternoon you have all the staff that you need…


c). you are a spanish bar owner and you dont even have Facebook and couldnt care less about british workers outside of the opening and closing party of your bar, so you will not answer any messages, even if you have managed to get an email address of the owner somehow.

See what I mean?  THE ANSWER IS B!!

I like helping out so thats why i’m here writing all this and moderating this page in the first place. If my help boils down to telling people to stop wasting their times trying to secure a job over Facebook, or email or whatever, then those taking this advice might just use their time more constructively by doing something great for human kind instead! Like using the time to build a go kart, or a tree house, or meet a girl/boy and have some fun. Its certainly better than sitting at home writing to bars and businesses and getting no reply, and if you do get a reply, at best, i reckon all they will ever say is: “Our interview day is this date… See you there.”

And you would find that date out anyway just by being here in the first place early enough.

Thats it… hope that it helps and if it has,  please come into Viva and buy me a drink to say thanks or just tell me  if you see me in the street or something. I am here to help and I just  want everyone to have a wicked summer!



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