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Cristian Varela ibiza

If you don’t know who Cristian Varela is, you do now…

Celebrated as one of the planets best DJs, CRISTIAN VARELA is no stranger to winning awards, collecting more than 25 as part of his amazing career that´s spanned almost two decades!

This includes Worlds Best Techno DJ (Ibiza International DJ Awards), Best DJ of the Year (Spain) and Best Techno DJ (Spain- 10 times), he´s also picked up awards for both his production Labels.
Influenced by a special family of artists, whilst he is famed primary as a DJ, he has a broad musical background and is a classically trained pianist. He´s composed soundtracks for the National Theatre, Movies, Fashion shows and television.
Compiling a discography of over 150 productions and compositions for labels including Sony/BMG, Blanco & Negro (Spain), Intec (U.K.) Elephant House (USA), Pornographic Recordings (Spain), Donkey Head and Black Codes (Spain).
Remixer of talents like Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”, Michael Zager´s Band “Let´s All Chant”, A Split Second “Flesh”, Snap “Cult of Snap” or Anne Clarke “Sleeper in Metropolis”, his productions and interviews have appeared in the most important specializing magazines, TV´s, radios and journals in the world.
With this Cristian´s long artistic life, discography and of course, his spectacular sets with 3/4 decks, along with his constants tours around the world from Japan to U.S.A, Europe and UK… makes him one of the most prestigious names in the electronic international scene. At the moment, Cristian Varela is one of the world’s top deejays in the electronic scene.


Nominated Best DJ of the year (Vicious Awards 2012), Nominated Best DJ Techno (Vicious Awards 2012), Nominated Best Ibiza Party “Pornographic Label Nights” (Vicious Awards 2012), Nominated Best Festival “Electrobeach Festival 2012” (Vicious Awards 2012), Nominated Best DJ of the year (Vicious Awards 2011), Nominated Best DJ Techno (Vicious Awards 2011), Nominated Best Festival “Electrobeach Festival 2011” (Vicious Awards 2011), Best Techno DJ (DJ Onners 2011), Best Deejay Techno of the year. (Deejaymags 2010), Best Deejay of the year(DeejayMags 2009), Best Techno-minimal Dj (Dj Onners 2009), Best Techno Dj (Deejaymags 2008), Dj Of The Year (DJ Onners 2007), Best Techno Dj (Deejaymags 2007), Best International Techno Deejay (International Awards- Ibiza 2007), Best techno dj (DJ Onners 2006), Best minimal-techno label Pornographic Records (DJ Onners 2006).
Best spanish Dj 2006 (DJ Onners), Best techno label Pornographic Records (Deejaymags 2006), Best dj Minimal/ Techno (Deejaymags 2006), Best dj techno (Deejaymags 2005), Best Electronic Label “Pornographic Records”(Deejaymags 2005), Best dj techno (Deejaymags 2004), Best Techno label “Pornographic Records”.(Deejaymags 2004), Best Club Emotion tech club (Deejaymags 2003), Best Track Techno “hardsperm”(Deejaymags 2003), Best Techno Dj (Deejaymags 2003), Best Cd Mix Session “Salón de mezclas”(Deejaymags 2002) (mejor sesión a la venta), Best rmx “electric deluxe” (DJ Onners 2002), Best rmx “electric deluxe” (Deejaymags 2002), Best Dj Techno (Deejaymags 2002), Best Dj of the Year (DJ Onners 2002), Best Dj of the Year(Deejaymags 2002), Best Techno Producer (Deejaymags 2001), Best Dj Techno (Deejaymags 2000), Best International Album “New Electronic Audio/Architectures”(DJ Onners 2000), Best International Album “New Electronic Audio/Architectures”(Deejaymags 2000), Best dj madrid (Deejaymags 1998), Best Dj Madrid (ATTTICA AWARDS 1996).


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    Cristian Varela – Best TECHNO DJ IN THE WORLD 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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